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Born in Krakow in 1978. Studied at Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Management and Social Communication, and obtained his diploma in 2003. He graduated from the Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations of the Jagiellonian University. He moved to Florence to the Faculty of Fashion Photography at Accademia Italiana. He gained his diploma from Roberto Quagli’s studio in 2006. The same year he started work at the Studio Qualgli with which he has been connected till now.

In 2011 he returned to Krakow. He practices artistic photography and fashion photography. He works in Poland and in Italy, is linked with Studio Quagli and Zuecca Projects. Marcin is a member of the LEA44 association and Pracownia Drożdżownia.


Selected exhibitions:

2021 - Second Futurophobic Summit, Pracownia Drożdżownia, Krakow

2020 - Man in the Glass, The Venice Glass Week, Zuecca Projects, Venice

2019 - Pracownia Drożdżownia, Cracow Art Week KRAKERS, Krakow

2018 - Work Where – Artigiani d'Oltrarno, Artkostia, Paris

2018 - Work Where – Artigiani d'Oltrarno, Zuecca Projects, Galleria Ceri, Florence

2018 - Site Visit Podgórze in the Eyes of Photographers - Museum of Podgórze, Krakow

2018 - Występy Gościnne - Otwarta Pracownia, Krakow

2017 - Portrait - Permanent exhibition, Museum of History of Photography, Krakow  

2016 - Sanatorium, LEA44 Gallery, Krakow

2016 - Space Garden, C2 Contemporanea Gallery, Florence

2016 - (Dis)Believing Your Eyes, Museum of History of Photography, Krakow

2016 - Otwarta Pracownia Kraków Dietla 11, BWA Gallery, Kielce

2016 - Life Valley, Death Valley, California

2015 - Workspace, Museum of Contemporary Art, Radom

2014 - 6 II, Otwarta Pracownia, Krakow

2012 - 6, GSQUARE, Krakow

2010 - Lucio Antonucci, Ceri Vintage, Florence

2010 - Transformation of the former Schindler Factory into the Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow (MOCAK), Krakow 

2008 - Ghosts Robots Animals and Death, Alchemia, Krakow

© 2023 by Marcin Gierat

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